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Wendy Bockman

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Welcome to Career Pilot outplacement consultancy


Outplacement services are there for trying economic times and times of restructure which can result in retrenchment, career changes and redeployment. Employers are increasingly choosing to support those employees who are affected by change with the provision of Career Transition Management, Outplacement Services and Redundancy Programs.


Benefits to HR Professionals

The delivery of redundancy notification can be a stressful event for HR Professionals. Career Pilot can be available for support during preparation stages and be alongside at the notifications and announcements when outplacement of employees is required.


Benefits to Employers

Those employers who offer these types of outplacement programmes at the time of redundancy particularly will be recognised as an organisation that cares for their staff and their families. If the process is not handled well it can cause lasting damage to the business with disgruntled employees sounding off. Additionally, the risk of legal action will be greatly reduced by counsel given by the Outplacement Career Coach.


Benefits to Remaining Staff

A Career Pilot Career Coach can also be there to back those employees who are involved in the announcement phase to help ease the distress and trauma caused by the redundancy process. Exit interviews can be conducted and counselling to remaining staff who may find it difficult to settle back into a routine.


Benefits to people requiring Career Transition Management

Review of their career path

Planning and managing their new career

Career success tools

On the commencement of an Outplacement Program a rapport is quickly built by the Career Coach with the participant so a collaborative approach to their situation can be mapped to adjust to changes and the forthcoming job search activities. They benefit by recognising achievements, identifying transferrable skills, values, primary wants and employment preferences and an increase in personal self-awareness, confidence and self-respect through self-analysis. They will have emotional support at a time of change and support in career management and job searching.


Career Pilot recognises the strain that involuntary departure places on both the organisation and the individual and offers a personal, tailored approach that supports both parties.

Various Locations in and around Adelaide and regions.  Able to provide support at a clients' site or within a private office.







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